A visit to New Mexico January 1995

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Came to Albuquerque for a ISO meeting from an other meeting in Portugal. In the first weekend I went up to Santa Fe and Los Alamos for a daytour. After the meeting I had three days free for a longer tour.
Started 7 AM on Interstate 25 South. Turned left after Socorro on 380. Passed Trinity Site, Lincoln National Forest, White Sands. Back on the Interstate Hwy in Las Cruces and continued south to El Paso in Texas where I stayed over night.
Next day I followed Rio Grande back north on the Mission Trail. Stayed in La Mesilla for lunch. Turned left at Hatch and went on empty roads. Passed a  few ghost towns and went up the mountains and stayed overnight in Silver City.
Up 6 AM next morning and went trough Gila National Park on high altitude. Back on Interstate 25 in Socorro and north to Albuquerque for my flight home. (24 hours, had to go over Lisbon)

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White Sands

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ISO meeting - John Sowa explaining his view

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Had a beer with Fred in Hillsboro

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Our guide to Acuma pueblo
village where no videocameras were allowed

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Mission Ysleta Del Sur on the Mission Trail
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One of the many Pueblo Indian ruins (Quarai Ruins)

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Old town of Albuquerque

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La Mesilla

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The only cafe in the ....

snake.jpg (12558 bytes) The pictures are
snapshots from
an old Video 8

Björn Norén

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